About us


Enabling students into global leaders through sustainable living practices integrated with values and ethics of caring for nature and the world around us.


  • Focus on holistic development of global citizens of tomorrow and guardians of planet earth.
  • Inspire each child with high standards of personal, intellectual and spiritual development.
  • Create an enabling environment that is caring, creative and distinctive.
  • Promote scientific temperament for high achievements and attain sustainability of development.
  • Strive to make students confident and effective communicators ready for the future through self-motivation.
  • Effective use of collaborative, competitive and innovative approaches.
  • Practice inclusivity and effective counseling.
  • Respect stake holding.

Our core beliefs

Knowledge for sustainable living
Inculcate universal values
Community outreach
Leadership in action

Special features of the curriculum

Sustainable living practices
Appreciation of nature
Championing the digital world
Life management skills

Delivery model of our curriculum

By and large the school will follow the NCF documents and the NCERT/CBSE syllabus and will be eventually affiliated with the CBSE.

The school will practice a burden free system of learning, where only weekend assignments will be used to reinforce learning. Concept learning is reinforced through a lot of field trips and site visits almost on a weekly basis. Students will not be considered too young in primary classes for limited night outs of educational importance. Visits of specialists and experts will be integral to the teaching learning process on a regular basis. Expertise available in our parent community and TERI will also be optimally used, hence encouraging stake holding among parents and volunteerism. This encourages healthy interaction between home, school and community ensuring holistic development of the child. Underlining all of the above will be a focused bias for sustainable living which also attempts to sensitize parents and communities.

Pedagogic Approach

  • Not linear but spiral approach
  • Empowered communication (both verbal and non-verbal)
  • Search and research
  • Experiential learning techniques through :
    • Smart technologies
    • Problem solving
    • Creative thinking
    • Critical thinking
    • Exposure to nature

The school will continuously upgrade and update itself through understanding of the evolving technologies practiced all over the world and growing effects of human actions on the earth's ecosystems.

TERI Prakriti School The Energy and Resources Institute
TERI Gram, Gwal Pahari,
Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001
Phone: 0124 - 2579329, 0124 - 2679329
Email: info@teriprakritischool.com