Curriculum of TERI Prakriti School

TERI- is sufficient inspiration to believe that human beings have the power to change the world we live in. The whole organization is driven by teams of people who have the conviction that they can influence change. TERI Prakriti School is the latest TERI venture and is housed in lush green 100 acres TERI Campus, Gwal Pahari, which by itself is quite a statement on sustainability.

The TERI Prakriti School is an experience to everyone who walks through its lush green campus. The school will be affiliated to CBSE in due course. The specialized curriculum offered will be joyful, burden free, age appropriate and developmental with strong national fervor and international outlook. Care for the earth we inhabit and appreciation of nature will be an integral of the curriculum.

Our Early Years Programme

"The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out"- Bill Gates

Children with happy childhood define who they will be as adults. It is our attempt at TERI Prakriti School in the preprimary classes to have a flexible program for development which combines experiential learning with strong value based systems. The child-centered approach incorporates beliefs which are integral to our country and also best international practices included from Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Feuerstein and philosophy for children to ensure joyful learning.

Play is integral to a child’s life. Through play, we achieve our core beliefs- universal values, caring for nature, leadership in action, community outreach, character and citizenship building. Our best known memories are never about calculus and physics but about sculpting designs, climbing trees, flying kites etc. Served by our responsive, caring, compassionate and well trained teachers in a rich pollution free environment, it is a joy for all families to trust their children to our care.

Our Primary Years Programme

Primary education follows the regular NCERT syllabus suitably modified to include environmental and sustainable practices, while keeping pace with what’s happening around us. We propose to benchmark ourselves raising our students to respect the earth they inhabit with deep appreciation and care for nature. In continuation of our Early Years Program, sustainable living practices along with universal values receive due attention. Service to community and nation receives additional focus. The campus provides sports facilities including coaching for golf, cricket, badminton and chess. With additional facilities available at TERI Mukteshwar for adventure sports, physical development is encouraged.

Our Secondary Years programme

The school proposes to be a regular CBSE affiliated K-12 school and hence, will expand to Senior Secondary School once the necessary infrastructure is in place with in a years or so.

TERI Prakriti School The Energy and Resources Institute
TERI Gram, Gwal Pahari,
Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001
Phone: 0124 - 2579329, 0124 - 2679329