Frequently Asked Questions

Your child should be 3 years on 31st March for admission to Nursery , 4 years as on 31st March for KG and 5 years as on 31st March for class 1 and accordingly for higher classes.

Pre-Nursery to Class V

The school begins at 8.30 am till 2.15pm for primary children. For pre-nursery, it begins from 9am to 12 noon and for Nursery and KG, it is 9am to 1:00 pm. There are breaks at 10.30 am to 10.40 am and 11.50 am to 12.15 pm for lunch.

Uniform is compulsory at TERI Prakriti School except for pre-nursery children. We encourage children to wear their uniform on all days from Monday to Friday.

Your child will be given integrated Home work at the weekends. Please make this a really positive time for your child and the family. If it is not positive from the start, seek help from your child's teacher.

Contact the office. Be assured that your child is safe with us at the school. Dispersal is a very structured mechanism in our school.

Healthy and nutritious food is recommended. However, a weekly meal plan by the school is prepared and the meals are served to the children on request.

Summer uniform can be acquired from the school office with payment through cash or cheque. Further intimation will be sent to the parents regarding their winter uniforms.

There are already many existing facilities such as cricket ground, golf course, badminton, chess, fitness centre, wi-fi connectivity and a library. In addition to this, we have very exciting and carefully planned outdoor learning and play spaces that are built for the school.

Being so close to all the existing facilities, we have developed a careful programme of access to music, sports, drama, art, and lab facilities that would not be possible in many primary schools. We will also be involving your child for 'Community Outreach', 'Green Initiatives ' and 'Citizenship', some of the key areas of our curriculum.

School meals will be cooked in any of the three kitchens functional in the premises. Care will be taken to provide high quality and healthy food that will ensure children receive a well-balanced nutritional meal during the school day.

School bags made with recycled material with the school logo is also be available to purchase from the school.

A school nurse is available to support any care plans or medical queries.

A TERI Prakriti School seeks to provide quality education in an enabling environment to give back to the community and the nation conscientious individuals, who will redefine the growth of man by co existing with nature. They will be ambassadors of sustainable living practices and masters of 21st century skills.

If you are well informed about your child's programme and progress, you will be able to effectively support your child at home. You will have access to all records of achievement of your child. Our teachers sit and answer your questions and explain trends and patterns in your child's performance. Areas of need and strength are made clear to you. In cases of identified special needs, school has a support structure.

TERI Prakriti School reports the progress and achievement of all its students in a variety of ways. From informal chats with teachers on a daily basis to portfolios of achievement, and from twice-yearly parent-teacher interviews to mid & end of year written reports.

Good schools are the result of the hard work of good teachers. They would be professionally qualified in addition to having qualities that define a teacher. Love for children, passion for learning and a positive attitude are a few that we choose to mention.

For the Academic session 2016-17, the school will begin classes from Nursery to Grade 3.Subsequently within a span of three years the school will have classes till Grade 12. As a part of future planning, we have firm plans to expand the network to places such as Assam, Bangalore, Goa etc

Yes, the school will be soon be affliated with CBSE.

We shall follow the law of the land with reference to the implementation of RTE in our schools.

Students need to bring their Almanac and water bottle every day to the school. School bags made with recycled material with the school logo is also available for purchase from the school.